Sovran is the plane where mortals live, also known as the mortal plane. Two other planes exist in parallel with Sovran, the Feywild and the Shadowfell. The Elemental Chaos and Astral Sea exist beyond this world, above and below.

Name and Etymology

The name Sovran has been passed down many generations from civilization to civilization since the first great kingdom was founded in ancient times. The name of the kingdom itself was The Realm of the Sovran, and was home to nearly every race that went on to create its own bastions of civilization. In this way the name was preserved and in a way honored.


It is said that Sovran was formed by forces of the elemental chaos, but abandoned until the gods gave it order and life. This occurred an uncountable many of years ago.


There are four major continents in Sovran. Neragorn is the largest one and the most southern, closest to the arctic land of Icefall. Re’Siria is the second largest but cut by a large river. Argoth is the third and very mountainous, and finally Orceron is the last with a northern section and a southern section. Besides these four there are other smaller islands and land masses. Akranorh is in the north between Orceron and Re’Siria. Lyndicos is along the equator between Argoth and Re’Siria, and the Kiliden Isles are southwest of it. Chasone is to the east of Re’Siria, and the West Isles are west of Neragorn. Though not entirely considered a landmass, there is an area northeast of Re’Siria that is known as the Glass Fire Pinnacles.


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